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If xfr is subnet, do not create "notify" entry (#1672)

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edwinschaap authored and JoshData committed Nov 10, 2019
1 parent fa792f6 commit 2f54f39f318eb2dfe17b1edbd6b2eb20395db3de
Showing with 4 additions and 2 deletions.
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@@ -523,9 +523,11 @@ def write_nsd_conf(zonefiles, additional_records, env):
""" % (domain, zonefile)

# If custom secondary nameservers have been set, allow zone transfers
# and notifies to them.
# and, if not a subnet, notifies to them.
for ipaddr in get_secondary_dns(additional_records, mode="xfr"):
nsdconf += "\n\tnotify: %s NOKEY\n\tprovide-xfr: %s NOKEY\n" % (ipaddr, ipaddr)
if "/" not in ipaddr:
nsdconf += "\n\tnotify: %s NOKEY" % (ipaddr)
nsdconf += "\n\tprovide-xfr: %s NOKEY\n" % (ipaddr)

# Check if the file is changing. If it isn't changing,
# return False to flag that no change was made.

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