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@JoshData JoshData released this Jan 12, 2019 · 72 commits to master since this release


This is the first release for Ubuntu 18.04. This version and versions going forward can **only** be installed on Ubuntu 18.04; however, upgrades of existing Ubuntu 14.04 boxes to the latest version supporting Ubuntu 14.04 (v0.30) continue to work as normal.

When **upgrading**, you **must first upgrade your existing Ubuntu 14.04 Mail-in-a-Box box** to the latest release supporting Ubuntu 14.04 --- that's v0.30 --- before you migrate to Ubuntu 18.04. If you are running an older version of Mail-in-a-Box which has an old version of ownCloud or Nextcloud, you will *not* be able to upgrade your data because older versions of ownCloud and Nextcloud that are required to perform the upgrade *cannot* be run on Ubuntu 18.04. To upgrade from Ubuntu 14.04 to Ubuntu 18.04, you **must create a fresh Ubuntu 18.04 machine** before installing this version. In-place upgrades of servers are not supported. Since Ubuntu's support for Ubuntu 14.04 has almost ended, everyone is encouraged to create a new Ubuntu 18.04 machine and migrate to it.

For complete upgrade instructions, see:

The changelog for this release follows.


* Mail-in-a-Box now targets Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, which will have support from Ubuntu through 2022.
* Some of the system packages updated in virtue of using Ubuntu 18.04 include postfix (2.11=>3.3) nsd (4.0=>4.1), nginx (1.4=>1.14), PHP (7.0=>7.2), Python (3.4=>3.6), fail2ban (0.8=>0.10), Duplicity (0.6=>0.7).
* [Unofficial Bash Strict Mode]( is turned on for setup, which might catch previously uncaught issues during setup.


* IMAP server-side full text search is no longer supported because we were using a custom-built `dovecot-lucene` package that we are no longer maintaining.
* Sending email is now disabled on port 25 --- you must log in to port 587 to send email, per the long-standing mail instructions.
* Greylisting may delay more emails from new senders. We were using a custom-built postgrey package previously that whitelisted sending domains in, but we are no longer maintaining that package.
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