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m4c3 and JoshData Update usage hint in (#1662)
removed explicit call of the system python, cause the file has a shebang with the mail-in-a-box shipped python. 
for me the system python complaint, that it is missing some modules
Latest commit cd62fd9 Nov 23, 2019
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templates Sort custom dns table based on fqdn, rtype, and value (#1651) Oct 28, 2019 the control panel auth hmac message should also include the user's pa… Jun 6, 2015 Update usage hint in (#1662) Nov 23, 2019
csr_country_codes.tsv drop the CSR_COUNTRY setting and ask within the control panel Dec 26, 2015 fix some wrong variable names, fixes #1353 Nov 30, 2018 Change SSL notification email subject (#1653) Nov 2, 2019 Don't fail when resolving zone transfer IP addresses since a nameserv… Nov 19, 2019 send the report to the box admin every Monday Feb 25, 2018 Improve postgrey logging (#1448) Dec 2, 2018 user privileges is a set (#1551) Apr 14, 2019 update bind9 configuration Oct 3, 2018 Fix an issue when Secondary NS has multiple A records (#1633) Aug 31, 2019 move the custom exclusive process code from into a new pytho… Jan 15, 2017 add autoconfig domains before subtracting domains with overridden A r… Sep 10, 2019
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