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Arduino MIDI controller and musical interface with p5.js
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Technologies used

  • Processing IDE
  • P5.js, p5.sound.js, p5.dom.js, p5.serialport.js
  • Arduino IDE
  • Adafruit_Trellis library
  • Arduino in 3D-printed MIDI board


Connect Arduino MIDI to p5.js sketch through serial port

Connected MIDI key values (0-15) to notes to play

Notes from samples load into the program

Button sequences in UI trigger notes on a scale from different jazz samples

Play/pause beat function plays a drum pattern coded in a phrase

Phrases with leading and following instrumental sequences

Browser clicking frequency note player

Change pitch of a set sample by using keyboard HID, up and down arrows raise/lower pitch by 20

Keyboard HID with 'a' key

Change BPM of beat

Demo Video

Got a musician friend to try it out because I do not have rhythm

How to use

  • Connect Arduino Uno MIDI board to USB port
  • Download p5.serialcontrol application and launch
  • Select correct USB port where the Arduino is
  • Load Arduino_uno_midi_controller sketch
  • Open processing files(main file, index.html, p5.serialport)
  • Ensure that portname matches your usb port name
  • Run application in local browser
  • Jam!


  • Toggle looping on any given sample
  • Extend sliders to all samples
  • Reset button bug fix
  • Connect buttons in UI with MIDI event triggers so taht they are the same event
  • Attach varying sensors to the serial port
  • Ability to design beat patterns or switch between presets
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