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Imagine walking down a city street and feeling that familiar buzz of a push notification. But instead of it being a notification on Twitter or a restaurant recommendation, it's a beautiful passage from a work of literature with a tie to that place.

In Paris, it could be walking past Cafe de Flore and receiving a sample from James Baldwin or Richard Wright. In Washington, DC, it could be a sample of an Alex Cross novel. In Japan, it could be one of Miyuke Miyabe's mystery novels. In Chicago, it could be a bit from Devil in the White City.

The core idea is to inject a little bit of romance and discoverability into books. Not only is the reader given a beautiful prompt to reflect upon (contributing to the mental environment) but it also is a wondrous reminder that literature lives wherever we are.


LitCity consists of

  • a Django app to manage book, quote, and location data
  • a script to automatically extract and geolocate place names from text
  • a script that fetches and stores book quotes from Goodreads

To set up, do the usual Django dance:

$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ python migrate
$ python createsuperuser

To start the server:

$ python runserver

To create/edit data from the admin interface, go to /admin.

To run the scripts that add data:

$ python import_locations {book_id} {csvfile}
$ python get_top_quotes {book_title}  # fetches from Goodreads API

import_locations takes a CSV file with (label, latitude, longitude) columns. get_top_quotes requires the title of a Goodreads book.