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kockok commented Feb 29, 2012

Is mailboxer mongoid supported??


Roendal commented Mar 1, 2012

Hi Jason

I'm afraid mailboxer isn't mongoid supported and we don't have resources to make it happen. As you see, the development is temporary stopped due to fullfiling other important issues.

If you like mailboxer and you are willing to make it mongoid supported I will give you any help you need to support new patches.

Thanks and sorry!

Hi there guys,

Love the gem, but need it to work with MongoDB, and ideally Mongoid, so I'll fork and start work on it.

Before I do that, how would you rather support was accomplished? As a supplementary gem - "mailboxer-mongoid" - to override the relevant parts? Or converting the whole of Mailboxer to support a pluggable database API, a la Omniauth?

Many thanks



On looking at this carefully, this is quite a big task to restructure the queries away - this is going to be harder than just having an additional gem - it's going to need either a separate gem (maybe stored in a branch?) or a total rewrite to get a pluggable system.


atd commented Apr 3, 2012

Hi John,

I think Devise is a good example on supporting both databases in the same gem

However, I cannot tell if the techniques they use are applicable to Mailboxer without a great amount of effort

Yeah, Devise is great like that - I've spent a good while looking over this in the last 24 hours, and it's not straightforward at all to produce a MongoDB optimised version of it. I'm rewriting the Gem from scratch with a Mongo slant to it (reducing relational queries, as Mongo isn't great at those, and embedding things to improve performance), probably going to release it as a separate gem to get the MongoDB support out there, crediting your work and linking back to this project, but then look to refactor it back into Mailboxer when I have more time, How does that sound?


atd commented Apr 4, 2012

It sounds very fair and straightforward to me.


Roendal commented Apr 4, 2012

+1 to the idea :)

@Roendal - social networks get started on ideas like that!


Roendal commented Apr 4, 2012

To @jgwmaxwell comment :D

Just an update on my Mongoid version of this. I've been sidetracked onto a PostgresSQL based application, so this is on pause. I'm not a million miles off having something workable, although the complexity is far greater than I thought, and this is certainly a case where its going to be a case of convention over configuration to minimise the number of queries needed. I'll keep people posted.


Roendal commented Apr 11, 2012

Thanks for your work @jgwmaxwell!

+1 please!

mulderp commented Jul 19, 2012

interesting discussion... I am actually working on an Mongoid based activity stream too (based on the streama gem by @christospappas - and querying for an activity also takes the subqueries of actor, activity type (=verb), and object. My efforts so far are at
maybye interesting for discussion


jcoyne commented Aug 16, 2013

If anyone wants this feature. Please submit a pull request.

jcoyne closed this Aug 16, 2013

Can we please reopen this issue? I think it is time that the issue of mongoid support is addressed and fully implemented, there is clearly high demand for this gem with mongoid. Is anyone aware of any forks where mongoid support has been implemented?


jcoyne commented Jan 15, 2014

@mrjlynch an open issue isn't going to fix the problem. We need someone to actually write the code. I'd rather not have open issues that have no chance of being fixed. If you'd like to contribute, please submit a pull request.

An open issue will draw attention to the problem, I am planing on writing code to solve this issue, I was checking to see if there was a base to start work with (in a fork for example) or someone to help out.

Kind regards,

On 16 Jan 2014, at 12:38 am, Justin Coyne wrote:

@mrjlynch an open issue isn't going to fix the problem. We need someone to actually write the code. I'd rather not have open issues that have no chance of being fixed. If you'd like to contribute, please submit a pull request.

Reply to this email directly or view it on GitHub.

gmyhre commented Jan 22, 2014

+1 for mongoid

+1 for mongoid

+1 for mongoid


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