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I've seen this feature here on Github. If I get direct message or a new message in the issue discussion, I can just reply to email (which is sent from a special address, like reply+i-LONGTOKENGOESHERE@site.com) instead of going to my inbox and manually replying.

Seems to me that some simple integration with MailMan would take care of this. Any plans to include something like this in the gem in the future?

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There is no future plan of including this feature in gem, but I can see a great potencial in it.

I moved to another project and I mainly do maintenance tasks in Mailboxer, so I won't be able to give support to this option. If you think It will be interesting to add it to the gem and you feel brave enough to give it a try I will help you in any way I can.

Thanks for the idea!


@Roendal - Any progress on this feature as I'm working on a help desk where this is a requirement.


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No, sorry @ACPK.

As I answered before, I am working on another project and I don't have time to do anything new for Mailboxer. It's make me really sad but I won't be able to work anymore in this gem in any near future.

If you like Mailboxer and this is a requirement, all I can do is encourage you to add this feature and make a pull request I would gladly accept.

My apologies!


just checking to see if anyone has implement this "reply to the message via email" has been implemented yet? it would be ideal to do that rather than going to the site to reply it.

Anyone has any pointer on how to do that using mailboxer gem? thanks again for your help. :- )

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