No solution to fetch the records constrained with search keyword #67

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@messages = current_user.search_messages(@search) This fetches all the messages that relates to current user. But what if you'd like to narrow down to only the messages in inbox? sentbox messages? or trashed messages? I spent so much time to find the way to do this but nowhere. Is there anyway?


Roendal commented Jul 18, 2012

Hi @megalomania1982!

This issue is related with the code provided by @dickeyxxx. As we don't use it on SocialStream, we are not really familiar with narrowing the queries.

Lets hope @dickeyxxx can help :)

@Roendal Thanks for reply :) Okay. I'll wait for him, and hope that he'll add this feature :)


Roendal commented Dec 13, 2012

Closed due to inactivity. Feel free to reopen if you still need it.

Roendal closed this Dec 13, 2012


dickeyxxx commented Dec 13, 2012

hmm I should've commented on this. @megalomania1982 would you like me to take another look at this?


Roendal commented Dec 13, 2012

Thanks @dickeyxxx for passing by! Lets see if @megalomania1982 says something ;)

@dickeyxxx @Roendal I'm so sorry for that I haven't noticed!! Yes, of course I'd like you to take another look at this to assist:) I appreciate it!


Roendal commented Mar 5, 2013

You should reopen it ;) If the issue remains closes @dickeyxxx will assume it is solved ;)

@Roendal How can I reopen it?


Roendal commented Mar 6, 2013

Left to the green "Comment" button there should be another one called "Reopen" or "Reopen & Comment". I will reopen it for you ;)

Roendal reopened this Mar 6, 2013

@Roendal Thanks:) I didn't have that button, though. Weird:(

By the way, could you please check another question that I've just posted?


searsaw commented Aug 24, 2014

I'm closing this due to inactivity, again.

searsaw closed this Aug 24, 2014

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