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Advanced Ethereum JSON-RPC Endpoint Configuration

Configuring Mailchain to Use a Custom Ethereum JSON-RPC Endpoint

You can use a 3rd party API or your own node to send (broadcast) your message (transaction) to a blockchain.

A JSON-RPC Endpoint is required to send transactions, a node is required for each network you want to send transactions on. There are different options for getting access to a JSON-RPC endpoint, we recommend using Infura, its a managed service and there is no cost.

  • Infura - Sign up for an account and create an endpoint. Each endpoint has a unique URL.
  • Go Ethereum - Install and run a node. You can enable the JSON-RPC Endpoint and obtain the URL.
  • Parity - Install and enable the JSON-RPC Endpoint and obtain the URL.

In each case the URL is supplied when initializing the Mailchain application.

{% hint style="info" %} We are working to remove the requirement of having access to a JSON-RPC Endpoint, you can track the progress at this issue. Subscribe to notifications to track our progress. {% endhint %}

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