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Advanced Serve Options

The mailchain application runs with the default settings using the following command:

mailchain serve

To configure advanced options, run:

mailchain serve [flags]
Flag Options
--cors-allowed-origins string Allowed origins for CORS (default "*")
--cors-disabled Disable CORS on the server (enabled by default)
--passphrase string Passphrase to decrypt key for sending / receiving messages. If this is not entered, the application with prompt you to enter the passphrase.
--port int Port to run server on (default 8080)

Global Flags

Flag Options
--config string The location of the config file (default is $HOME/.mailchain/.mailchain.yaml)
--empty-passphrase No passphrase and no prompt
--log-level string Set the log level [Panic,Fatal,Error,Warn,Info,Debug] (default "warn")

For more information, run:

mailchain serve --help
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