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Configuring the Web Interface

Changing the network

To change between different networks, click the 'change' link in the top right of the inbox.

Accessing the Mailchain Network Settings

Selecting a network from the dropdown will change the network and refresh the inbox.

Mailchain Network Settings

Click 'Close' when you are finished.

Changing the Server Settings

{% hint style="info" %} See Advanced Configuration > Advanced Serve Options to change how the mailchain application settings {% endhint %}

To change how the Mailchain web interface interacts with your mailchain application, you can update the Server Settings in the top right of the inbox.

Accessing the Server Settings

Update any of the settings as needed to communicate with the mailchain application and click 'Save' when finished.

Server Settings

Setting Description Default
Web Protocol The protocol used to reach the application http
Host The host serving the mailchain application, e.g. localhost,,
Port The port on the host serving the mailchain application 8080
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