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HTTP basic authentication is supported using a password file.

See example-auth for an example (the password is test).

Authentication applies to all HTTP requests, including static content and API endpoints.

Password file format

The password file format is:

  • One user per line
  • username:password
  • Password is bcrypted

By default, a bcrypt difficulty of 4 is used to reduce page load times.

Generating a bcrypted password

You can use a MailHog shortcut to generate a bcrypted password:

MailHog bcrypt <password>

Enabling HTTP authentication

To enable authentication, pass an -auth-file flag to MailHog:

MailHog -auth-file=docs/example-auth

This also works if you're running MailHog-UI and MailHog-Server separately:

MailHog-Server -auth-file=docs/example-auth
MailHog-UI -auth-file=docs/example-auth

Future compatibility

Authentication has been a bit of an experiment.

The exact implementation may change over time, e.g. using sessions in the UI and tokens for the API to avoid frequently bcrypting passwords.