Library for writing complete strings to flash memory in segments
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eeprm - for Arduino

Eeprm - Library for writing complete strings to flash memory in segments. Created by Martin Viljoen 2018/01/14.


The EEPROM's memory is rated for more or less 100 000 write cycles. Do not write to memory in a loop. It's recommended to only use this library to store settings for when you want to reload parameters after the microcontroller powered down.


Field lengths are limited to 20 ASCII characters in 20 fields. ~ is an illigal character and may not be used. Eeprm Eeprm(0); Must be called before reading or writing.

Writing to memory

Eeprm Eeprm(0); Eeprm.writedata(Field_Number,"Text_String_1"); Eeprm.writedata(Field_Number,"Text_String_2");

Reading from memory

Eeprm Eeprm(0); Dataread=Eeprm.readdata(Field_Number); Dataread=Eeprm.readdata(Field_Number);