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Request help with mailboxes and importing

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@@ -258,9 +258,15 @@ patches for:
* A shell scripting interface for automation
* An XML-RPC interface to the search engine
* A pretty UI on top of said XML-RPC interface
+ * A routine for importing/indexing messages from Thunderbird,
+ Evolution, KMail, Outlook, ... which converts folder structure
+ into tags.
I am especially interested in help with UI work, I suck at that.
+Also, I do not use Evolution, Outlook etc, or other mailbox formats, so if
+you want features related to them, patches will speed things up *a lot*.
Note that Mailpile's emphasis is on *speed* and most of the features
above have already basic designs "in my head". Chat with me on freenode
(I am BjarniRunar, and hang out on #mailpile) if you're interested in

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