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Implement "Add To Group" actions #463

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Was commented out during Alpha feature freeze

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Do we have clarity on whether a group is an e-mail tag or a VCard type? I've never been quite sure...

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@smari I'm not sure, perhaps @BjarniRunar can chime in his thoughts about this :)


Implementing this as a VCard would probably make more sense if you want to later add CardDAV sync to Mailpile. It could still be represented as a filter(-able) in the UI afterwards, but would have more utility when synced to mobile devices, for example.

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@smari @brennannovak ... as I had implemented the first draft, a Group consisted of the following things:

- A VCard defining a group of people
- A Tag labeling messages belonging to the group
- A Filter rule which applies the Tag to incoming messages based on the VCard

Instead of using a Tag and Filter rule, we could just perform on-the-fly searches based on who is in the group. Unfortunately, the search-based method makes the Group useless in practice as a mechanism for aggregating conversations - because there's no way to eject messages from the group view that don't belong there, and there is no way to edit the list of contacts in a group without changing which messages are associated.

I was largely thinking of Groups as a way to aggregate messages together by social context, so one could have a "Mailpile Hackers" group which aggregates together all the messages to/from the people hacking on Mailpile. In this case it becomes important to be able to eject conversations which are off topic, and it becomes important to be able to add and remove people from the group without losing the conversations associated with them.

Does this clarify?


Yes. I like the idea of VCard+Tag+Filter.

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@bnvk bnvk Started adding 'Add to Groups' modal, segmented '.bulk-actions' JS ev…
…ents into separate closures for Issue #463, did some logic for 'Tag' events as per Issue #458
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Relates to #1228

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