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Directory Structure
Break up directory structure:
/js /core
Minify, Pack and Combine JavaScript code => all.js
Do the same for the cascading style sheets => all.css
Run tests on combined (deployed) and individual files (testing) in case either creates an error.
Note, some libraries may not work when combined so test before-hand and note which ones these are.
Previously we used a method of writing "FIXME:" into the code like so:
// FIXME: method needs to be more re-usable
This way we could note areas of the code that need looking at again, places for improvement & refactoring that we can quickly search for.
SVN Commits
To make changes more documented, we structured SVN commit messages below so we could track what's been changed quicker and rollback precisely in-case an error occured.
[story xxx / task xxx] [minor / major] [comment] [reviewed by john smith]
...[extended comments]
If a commit was too large and involved several sections of the app, then it was split up into individual parts; this way we could track changes and zero-in on the problem area without disabling other functionality.
Image Optimisation
There are several Web Apps available (notably which allow you to losslessly compress JPG, PNG and GIF images further without losing any of their quality.
One of the easiest command-line tool's to do this in one hit is Grosser's Smusher which simply requires the location of the images and will then compress them.
You can usually get a further 20-30% loss in file size with such tools without any loss in quality.
CSS Sprites
Another more involved technique you can do is use CSS Sprites, where you basically combine all the image's you use in one image or a collection of related ones; then use css to display a particular portion of it on a web element.
Task Weighting
Previously the product owner would weight pending tasks based on importance
Planning Numbers
Previously used two numbering systems to weight our tasks:
Ace = 1/2 hour
3 = 3 hours (half day)
5 = 5 hours
7 = full day
King = two days
Jack = something we couldn't weight, demanded further research or breaking apart
We also used prime numbers to weight numbers (e.g. 3, 5, 7, 13) for hours / complexity of tasks.
Previously used two online systems to track progress:
..AcuNote proved the most successful out of the two, JIRA was too large and unweildy for our needs
Tracked bugs with BugZilla, short-cut in AcuNote to inject bugs into the back-log