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<!doctype html>
<title>html2canvas Bookmarklet</title>
<script type="text/javascript" src="external/jquery-1.6.2.min.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
var isDebug = false, origBookmarklet = '';
function patchLinks() {
var bookmarklet = origBookmarklet;
if (isDebug) {
bookmarklet = bookmarklet.replace('//DEBUG: ', '');
bookmarklet = bookmarklet.replace(/\s\/\/.*/g, ''); // remove single line comments
bookmarklet = bookmarklet.replace(/[\u000A\u000D]+/g, ''); // remove all linebreaks
bookmarklet = bookmarklet.replace(/\/\*.*?\*\//g, ''); // remove multi line comments
bookmarklet = bookmarklet.replace(/\s\s+/g, ' '); // reduce multiple spaces to single spaces
bookmarklet = bookmarklet.replace(/\s+=\s+/g, '=');
$('a.bookmarklet').each(function(_, el) {
el.href = $(el).attr('data-href') + bookmarklet;
$(function() {
$('input[type=checkbox]').bind('change', function() {
isDebug = $(this).is(':checked');
$.ajax('src/plugins/bookmarklet.js', {
dataType: 'text',
success: function(data, status, xhr) {
origBookmarklet = data;
<h1>html2canvas Bookmarklet</h1>
If you use a normal browser: drag the normal <a class="bookmarklet" data-href="javascript:">html2canvas</a> bookmarklet to your bookmarks toolbar.<br />
If not use the following link: <a class="bookmarklet" data-href="#_remove_this_javascript:">bookmarklet for those special mobile devices</a>
click / tap that link and then bookmark the page, edit the bookmark and remove the start up until including <code>#_remove_this_</code>
part at the beginning of the URL, it must start with: <code>javascript:</code> to be correct.
If you are using Firefox and the NoScript Addon: disable the ABE part of it,
took me quite some time to figure out that the reason for an unreliable bookmarklet was in NoScript...
<h2>For Developers:</h2>
If you are a developer and want to debug locally (you need the source tree of your html2canvas at:
check the following box to get the bookmarklet patched automatically ;)<br />
<label>Debug bookmarklet: <input type="checkbox" /></label>