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1696: disable php version expose r=Diman0 a=ronivay

## What type of PR?


## What does this PR do?

Disable exposing PHP-version from webmails in x-powered-by header for security reasons.

## Prerequistes
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- [N/A] In case of feature or enhancement: documentation updated accordingly
- [x ] Unless it's docs or a minor change: add [changelog]( entry file.

Co-authored-by: ronivay <>

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Mailu is a simple yet full-featured mail server as a set of Docker images. It is free software (both as in free beer and as in free speech), open to suggestions and external contributions. The project aims at providing people with an easily setup, easily maintained and full-featured mail server while not shipping proprietary software nor unrelated features often found in popular groupware.

Most of the documentation is available on our Website, you can also try our demo server before setting up your own, and come talk to us on Matrix.


Main features include:

  • Standard email server, IMAP and IMAP+, SMTP and Submission
  • Advanced email features, aliases, domain aliases, custom routing
  • Web access, multiple Webmails and administration interface
  • User features, aliases, auto-reply, auto-forward, fetched accounts
  • Admin features, global admins, announcements, per-domain delegation, quotas
  • Security, enforced TLS, Letsencrypt!, outgoing DKIM, anti-virus scanner
  • Antispam, auto-learn, greylisting, DMARC and SPF
  • Freedom, all FOSS components, no tracker included



Mailu is free software, open to suggestions and contributions. All components are free software and compatible with the MIT license. All specific configuration files, Dockerfiles and code are placed under the MIT license.

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