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Easily add a newsletter sign-up form to your Web site or blog, then run email marketing campaigns with MailUp. The MailUp sign-up form in the Joomla! administration area is an extension, which can be added to your Web site like you do with other extensions (e.g. you may decide to drop it in the left-side column).

To manage your new subscribers, run email marketing and text messaging campaigns, and track message statistics, you will use your MailUp administration console.

The MailUp plugin supports the recommended 'confirmed opt-in' subscription method, where a new subscriber receives an email with a confirmation link that has to be clicked to confirm the subscription. This method of acquiring new subscribers - which is an email marketing best practice - ensures that spam traps or wrong email addresses are never added to your list. Having a 'clean' list is one of the fundamentals of a sound email marketing strategy.

The unsubscription process (e.g. via an unsubscribe link in the footer of your messages), as well as bounces, will be managed automatically by MailUp.

Stable version: 1.0.5, released on 2013-01-29 and downloadable from master branch.

How to use the MailUp extension

  1. Signup for a free trial (no credit card required) on
  2. Create one or more Lists and optionally some groups within your lists. Each list is a separate environment. Uunsubscription by pressing unsubscribe link in message footer applies to the list whose the message belong.
  3. Install the extension plugin in your Joomla! admin area, select lists and group to be visible on registration form and then add signup form to the frontend of your Joomla!-powered website
  4. In MailUp, configure settings such as the header, footer, message templates, confirmation request email, welcome message, etc.
  5. Visitors to your Web site will start signing up, and you will be able to track the subscription trend over time in your MailUp admin console. Also your Joomla! users can be subscribers, authenticated users may also change their subscriptions.
  6. Run email marketing campaigns and/or text messaging campaigns from your MailUp account.
  7. Once your email marketing campaign has been executed, MailUp will automatically manage the unsubscribe process for you, intellegently handle hard and soft bounces, and give you access to statistics down to the individual recipient level (opens, clicks, social sharing, etc.)
  8. Each action (subscribe, unsubscribe, change profile...) performed by subscribers outside your website is also notified to your website by means of trigger messages provided by MailUp (this feature is available starting from MailUp 8 by configuring webhooks)


For detailed installation instructions, please visit MailUp documentation for Joomla! extension

Revision history

1.0.5 Fixed conflict between jQuery and mootools, updated style of subscription module, changed installation type (from "install" to "upgrade")

1.0.4 First stable version

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