mfinley3 and anovakovic01 MF-448 - Option for Postgres SSL Mode (#449)
* MF-448 - Option for Postgres SSL Mode

Adds an option to choose the ssl mode when connecting to postgres.
Only supporting disable or require for now with verify-ca and verify-full to come after more discussion.

Signed-off-by: Michael Finley <>

* Changing package name back

Accidentally changed the package name so reverting that!

Signed-off-by: Michael Finley <>

* Adding section in getting-started for securing pgsql connections

Signed-off-by: Michael Finley <>
Latest commit eb38c36 Nov 7, 2018

Users service

Users service provides an HTTP API for managing users. Through this API clients are able to do the following actions:

  • register new accounts
  • obtain access tokens
  • verify access tokens

For in-depth explanation of the aforementioned scenarios, as well as thorough understanding of Mainflux, please check out the official documentation.


The service is configured using the environment variables presented in the following table. Note that any unset variables will be replaced with their default values.

Variable Description Default
MF_USERS_LOG_LEVEL Log level for Users (debug, info, warn, error) error
MF_USERS_DB_HOST Database host address localhost
MF_USERS_DB_PORT Database host port 5432
MF_USERS_DB_USER Database user mainflux
MF_USERS_DB_PASSWORD Database password mainflux
MF_USERS_DB Name of the database used by the service users
MF_USERS_DB_SSL_MODE Database connection SSL mode (disable or require) disable
MF_USERS_HTTP_PORT Users service HTTP port 8180
MF_USERS_GRPC_PORT Users service gRPC port 8181
MF_USERS_SERVER_CERT Path to server certificate in pem format
MF_USERS_SERVER_KEY Path to server key in pem format
MF_USERS_SECRET String used for signing tokens users


The service itself is distributed as Docker container. The following snippet provides a compose file template that can be used to deploy the service container locally:

version: "2"
    image: mainflux/users:[version]
    container_name: [instance name]
      - [host machine port]:[configured HTTP port]
      MF_USERS_LOG_LEVEL: [Users log level]
      MF_USERS_DB_HOST: [Database host address]
      MF_USERS_DB_PORT: [Database host port]
      MF_USERS_DB_USER: [Database user]
      MF_USERS_DB_PASS: [Database password]
      MF_USERS_DB: [Name of the database used by the service]
      MF_USERS_DB_SSL_MODE: [SSL mode to connect to the database with]
      MF_USERS_HTTP_PORT: [Service HTTP port]
      MF_USERS_GRPC_PORT: [Service gRPC port]
      MF_USERS_SECRET: [String used for signing tokens]
      MF_USERS_SERVER_CERT: [String path to server certificate in pem format]
      MF_USERS_SERVER_KEY: [String path to server key in pem format]

To start the service outside of the container, execute the following shell script:

# download the latest version of the service
go get

cd $GOPATH/src/

# compile the app
make users

# copy binary to bin
make install

# set the environment variables and run the service
MF_USERS_LOG_LEVEL=[Users log level] MF_USERS_DB_HOST=[Database host address] MF_USERS_DB_PORT=[Database host port] MF_USERS_DB_USER=[Database user] MF_USERS_DB_PASS=[Database password] MF_USERS_DB=[Name of the database used by the service] MF_USERS_DB_SSL_MODE=[SSL mode to connect to the database with] MF_USERS_HTTP_PORT=[Service HTTP port] MF_USERS_GRPC_PORT=[Service gRPC port] MF_USERS_SECRET=[String used for signing tokens] MF_USERS_SERVER_CERT=[Path to server certificate] MF_USERS_SERVER_KEY=[Path to server key] $GOBIN/mainflux-users


For more information about service capabilities and its usage, please check out the API documentation.