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Breethe Client

Breethe is a Progressive Web App built by Mainmatter. We build custom web and mobile solutions for our clients to rely on.

Improving Understanding of Air Quality Across the World

Breethe allows instant access to up to date air quality data for locations across the world. Pollution and global warming are getting worse, rather than better, and it affects everyone's daily lives - easily accessible data on how bad things are might help to raise attention and awareness. 🌳💨

The data is retrieved from the openaq API - be sure to check that project out!

The Stack

Breethe is built with Glimmer.js, the lightning fast UI components library backed by Ember.js' rendering engine Glimmer VM. The data layer is based on Orbit.js and uses json:api to communicate with the server. Styles are compiled with css-blocks.

We built Breethe for maximum efficiency and performance. The main JS bundle weighs in at just over 50KB and we use server-side-prerendering to provide users with a meaningful response already while they wait for the app to start. Of course the app is functional offline, using a Service Worker and IndexedDB via Orbit.js.

This project is still in a relatively early stage and there are likely still bugs and there is definitely lots of room for even more improvement. If you run into any problems, would like to give feedback or help improve this, please reach out on github!


You will need the following things properly installed on your computer.


  • git clone
  • cd breethe-client
  • yarn --pure-lockfile

Running / Development

To run the app without SSR and using the mock data you can use:

If you want to run the app behind an HTTP server (in this case Caddy - with real data:

  • Build the app for the production API API_HOST= ember b
  • Run the SSR server in one tab with API_HOST= node ssr-server.js
  • Run the Caddy server in a second tab with sudo caddy (sudo is required so caddy can bind to privileged port 443)
  • Open https://dev.breethe/ in your browser (assuming you have an entry for dev.breethe in your /etc/hosts)

This is helpful for running benchmarks


  • ember build (development)
  • ember build --environment production (production)


  • ember test --server (unit tests)
  • API_HOST=http://localhost:3001 ember b && yarn test-integration (integration tests using puppeteer)

Further Reading / Useful Links


Breethe is developed by and © Mainmatter GmbH and contributors. While we invite everyone to use this for inspiration and reference, we do not grant a license to reuse or redistribute this in any form.

If you would like to use this for educational or charitable purposes, please reach out at