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The chdir function in PHP changes the current working directory.

{{code:php chdir('/path/to/foo'); }}

Ruby's Dir.chdir is equivalent.

{{code:ruby Dir.chdir('/path/to/foo') }}

Temporarily Changing the Directory

Often times, you'll want to change to a directory to perform some operations and then return to the directory you started from. In PHP, you can do this by storing the current working directory in a variable before calling chdir.

{{code:php $start = getcwd(); chdir('/path/to/foo'); // perform some operations chdir($start); }}

Ruby's blocks provide a convenient shortcut. If you pass a block to Dir.chdir, the directory will be changed before yielding to the block and then original working directory restored when the block exits.

{{code:ruby Dir.chdir('/path/to/foo') do # perform some operations end }}

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