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Every participant can add themselves before or at the beginning of the event by sending a pull request!

Name Role GitHub Twitter Notes
Jess Frazelle organizer @jessfraz @jessfraz
Katrina Owen organizer @kytrinyx @kytrinyx
James Kyle friendly sort of chap @thejameskyle @thejameskyle
Gregor Martynus participant @gr2m @gr2m LA based 🛫 Tue, Feb 14 with jetBlue 6736 🛬 Thu, Feb 16: jetBlue 1435
Daniel McDonald participant @wasade @mcdonadt SEA based, arriving Weds morning on UA 1721
Daniel Bachhuber participant @danielbachhuber @danielbachhuber PDX based, arriving Weds morning on Alaska 2589
Sebastiaan van Stijn participant @thaJeztah @thaJeztah Located in The Netherlands 🇳🇱
Tianon Gravi bashochist @tianon @tianon
Joe Ferguson participant @yosifkit @yosifkit
Matt Hooker participant @mwhooker @mwhooker
Emma Humphries participant @emceeaich @triagegirl Bay Area Local
Brandon Keepers host/participant @bkeepers @bkeepers
Caleb Hailey participant @calebhailey @calebhailey
John Wiebalk participant @jwiebalk @johnwiebalk
Kostya Serebryany participant @kcc @kayseesee
Lee Dohm host/participant @lee-dohm @leedohm
Eric Steele participant @esteele @esteele
James Turnbull participant/general gadfly @jamtur01 @kartar NYC-based. 2/13 UA212, 2/17 UA 212
Tim Smith participant @tas50 @tas50 PDX based
Brian Doll participant @briandoll @briandoll SF
Jaana Burcu Dogan participant @rakyll @rakyll
Rich Trott participant @Trott @Trott
Jennifer Davis participant @iennae @sigje Bay Area based
Kevin Burke participant @kevinburke @derivativeburke available for hire
Thom May participant @thommay @thommay London based, in SF 2/11 - 2/16
Matt Brictson participant @mattbrictson @mattbrictson SF
Matthew Rothenberg participant @mroth @mroth Brooklyn
Rebecca Skinner participant @rebeccaskinner @cercerilla St. Louis
Josh Smith participant @joshsmith @joshsmith San Diego
iliana weller participant @ilianaw @ilianaweller Greetings from Amazon Linux
Will Norris participant @willnorris @willnorris
Paul Betts participant @paulcbetts @paulcbetts SF
Jeff Pickhardt participant @pickhardt @jrpickhardt SF
Laura Abbott participant @labbott @openlabbott SEA
Kyle Mathews participant @kyleamathews @kylemathews SF
Beyang Liu participant @beyang @beyang SF
Quinn Slack participant @sqs @sqs SF
Johannes Schickling participant @schickling @_schickling 🇩🇪 Berlin (SF Feb 10 - 17)
Mindy Preston participant @yomimono @mindypreston Madison, WI (SF 7 Feb - 16 Feb)
Jesse Meek participant @waigani @jessemeek New Zealand!! (SF Feb 6 - 19)
Ryan Barrett participant @snarfed @schnarfed SF
Patrick O'Doherty participant @patrickod @patrickod SF
Logan Smyth participant @loganfsmyth @loganfsmyth SF
Brandon Weiss participant @brandonweiss @brandon_weiss SF
Don Marti participant @dmarti @dmarti SF
Amir Chaudhry participant @amirmc @amirmc Cambridge, UK (SF: 7-16 Feb)
Tim Abbott participant @timabbott @tabbott3 SF
Kyle Mitchell participant @kemitchell @kemitchell Oakland
Dorian party-cipant @dorian @bydorian SF
Michal Migurski participant @migurski @michalmigurski Oakland
Bryan Clark participant @clarkbw @clarkbw Victoria, BC 🇨🇦
Gary Kramlich participant @grimmy @rw_grim Milwaukee, WI (SF 14 Feb - 16 Feb)
Chris Biscardi participant @christopherbiscardi @chrisbiscardi
Feross Aboukhadijeh participant @feross @feross SF, WebTorrent, Standard JS
Mike Burns participant @mike-burns - NYC based; in SF from the 15th to 20th
Alan Coopersmith participant @alanc @alanc Santa Clara, CA
Esther Quansah participant @essiequoi - VA based; in SF from 2/8 until 2/16
Bob Menacho participant @ybbodev @bobmynacho SF
Dhruv Jain participant @midhruvjaink @midhruvjaink YtQck, Fire, Earth.css - INDIA
Rainer Sigwald participant @rainersigwald @tashkant OKC based, Microsoft dev tools
Cassandra Garris participant @cassandragarris - based in NC
Sean Farley participant @seanfarley @seanfarley SF
Aish Dahal participant @aishraj @aishrajdahal -
Daniel Vetter particiapnt fd.o @danvet Switerzland - Arriving Mon evening in SFO
Jason Laster particiapnt @jasonLaster @jasonLaster11 NYC - will be around monday through thursday
David Cramer particiapnt @dcramer @zeeg SF, Sentry
Tim Branyen participant @tbranyen @tbranyen SF
Sean Linsley participant @seanlinsley @seanlinsley Dallas, Active Admin
Carol Willing participant @willingc @willingcarol San Diego and SLO; ✈️ United 400 Wed arr. 8 am
Euan Kemp participant @euank @wobscale SF, CoreOS, Wobscale
Prosper Otemuyiwa participant @unicodeveloper @unicodeveloper 🇳🇬 Lagos, Nigeria (SF: Feb 12 - 16)
Courtney Wilburn participant @cjwilburn @cjwilburn Based in PHL
Sumana Harihareswara participant @brainwane @brainwane NYC-based, in SF through Sunday Feb. 19th. Maintainer-as-a-service consultant & Pythonist/Wikimedian
Gemma Gordon participant @gemmag @em3r4ld6 UK-based: OCaml Labs, Cambridge. SF: 15th
Anil Madhavapeddy participant @avsm @avsm Cambridge, UK! Docker.
Jordan Harband participant @ljharb @ljharb SF
Luis Villa participant @tieguy @luis_in_140 on ye olde WWW, SF-based
Courteney Ervin participant @courte @courteneyervin NYC, New York Public Library