Nodejs voting application with arduino input interface
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The incredible and amazing Arduino Vote-O-Matic

The Vote-O-Matic counts physical votes cast and sends them to a Node js based 
voting application.

The web application is built in Node.js to utilise the GET method of the HTTP module to make a request to the Arduino.

It uses the Connect library to serve a static homepage, with a link to the page which displays the winning candidate.

A route is mapped to the '/winner' URL and which makes the GET request to the Arduino web server,
which then returns the number of the winning candidate as an HTTP response. 

Using the returned value a page is dynamically created on the fly in the Connect server.


There are two parts to the application, the Nodejs web connect server and the Arduino webserver

The Nodejs server is handled by the arduino-client.js, it servers a static index.html found in the public folder.

The Arduino server is handled by the WebServerVoteOmaticII.ino which also relies on the Arduino webserver library

You can read more about our development process and links to further utilities on our blog here: