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Awesome SE Bots Awesome

A curated list of awesome Software Engineering bots (SE bots).

Table of Contents


Probot bots

GitHub apps built with Probot

  • Work In Progress - Prevent merging of pull requests with "WIP" in the title

  • Stale - Close stale issue and pull request

  • Delete merged branch - The bot automatically deletes a branch after it's merged

  • Developer Certificate of Origin - Enforce the Developer Certificate of Origin (DCO) on pull requests

  • Request Info - Requests more info on issues and pull requests with the default title or an empty body

  • Sentiment Bot - Analyzes the sentiment of comments posted on GitHub, and leaves a comment with a custom message in response to toxic message to help enforce code of conducts.

  • GrammarlyBot - This bot automatically improves grammar and spellings in your files

Software company/community bots

Github bots implemented by software companies or communities

  • Rust high-five - The bot's main task is welcoming new contributors and assigning reviewers

  • Refactoring-Bot - Suggests automatic code smell refactorings via pull requests

  • MergeResolver - Automates resolving merge conflicts

  • imgbot - Automatically optimize images in your repository


Scientific Articles

The below is a list of peer-reviewed papers related to bots, and bots applied to software engineering. In addition to this list, you can also consult the paper repository maintained by BotSE (see link).

Motivation for bots in SE

Disrupting Developer Productivity One Bot at a Time

Software Developer's Perceptions of productivity

Bots Mind the Social-Technical Gap

Bot Taxonomies

A Taxonomy of Software Bots: Towards a Deeper Understanding of Software Bot Characteristics

Current and Future Bots in Software Development

A framework for understanding chatbots and their future

Is it an Agent, or Just a Program? A Taxonomy for Autonomous Agents

Empirical research on Bots

The Power of Bots: Understanding Bots in OSS Projects

Do developers trust / accept bot contributions?

Among the Machines: Human-Bot Interaction on Social Q&A Websites

Sorry to Bother you: Designing Bots for Effective Recommendations

Perception and Acceptance of an Autonomous Refactoring Bot

Bots Don't Mind Waiting, Do They? Comparing the Interaction With Automatically and Manually Created Pull Requests

Papers that describe Bot implementations or concepts

Repairnator patches programs automatically

Caring for Vincent: A Chatbot for Self-Compassion

MSRBot: Using Bots to Answer Questions from Software Repositories

Buildbot: Robotic monitoring of agile software development teams

A Conversational User Interface for Software Visualization

Adopting Conversational interfaces for exploring OSGi-based software architectures in augmented reality

An additional set of (automated) eyes: chatbots for agile retrospectives

Towards an autonomous bots for automatic source code refactoring

Should I Stale or Should I Close? An Analysis of a Bot That Closes Abandoned Issues and Pull Requests

Design Principles for Bots (Conversational or Other)

How to design a program repair bot?: Insights from the repairnator project

Towards s/engineer/bot: Principles for Program Repair Bots

Ethical Challenges

The rise of Social Bots

Theoretical background on bots

Functional imaging of Theory of Mind

The Media Equation: How people Treat Computers, Television, and New Media Like Real People and Places

Blog Posts

Blog posts discussing GitHub bots


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