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List of my podcasts that I listen regularly
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Here is a list of podcasts (in no particular order) that I listen to regularly during my daily commute

Grumpy Old Geeks

Two old farts (like me) that bitch about tech, and how ridiculous we have all become - Link

AWS Podcast

A weekly show about what is happening in the world of AWS - Link

The Cloud Pod

A podcast about what is going on the cloud - Link

Screaming in the Cloud

Conversations about the cloud with people - Link


Podcast about Kubernetes - with a RedHat focus - Link

The Cloudcast

Podcast about all things Cloud - Link

Cloudtalk (Hebrew)

Hebrew Podcast about the world of cloud - Link

The Tony Robbins Podcast

Inspirational talk with Tony Robbins - Link

Datanauts (Packet Pushers)

Podcast about tech, cloud and all things nice - Link

Rural Emergency Medicine Podcast

A Podcast about emergency medicine - Link

Speaking in Tech

Podcast about things happenning in the tech world - Link

The Secure Developer

Security focused Podcast - Link

The Full Stack Journey

Interviews with people that have made a change in their technical career - Link

To Be Continuous

DevOps focused podcast - Link

The Microsoft Cloud Show

A Microsoft focused cloud podcast - Link

Emergency Medicine Cases

A podcast about emergency medicine - Link


A podcast in Hebrew about the cloud and tech - Link

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