The framework for rapid email development.
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The framework for rapid email development.

Maizzle is an email framework made for developers. It brings together open source tools such as Jigsaw and Tailwind CSS, to create a solid workflow for HTML email development.

Whether you're an email or web developer, you can use Maizzle to build your HTML emails fast and be in full control over your email development workflow.

Getting Started

Full documentation is available at


  • Build System (Jigsaw)
  • Centralised Style Guide (Tailwind CSS)
  • Rapid Email Prototyping
  • BYOHTML - Bring Your Own HTML
  • Partials and Components (Laravel Blade)
  • Build Environments
  • Environment-specific Configuration
  • Custom Data Structures (Laravel Collections)
  • Synchronised Browser Testing (BrowserSync)
  • Live Share (Localhost Tunneling)
  • Automatic CSS inlining (Juice)
  • Email-safe unused CSS purging
  • Minify, prettify, uglify CSS classes
  • HTML email-specific code fixes
  • Generate Plaintext Versions
  • Markdown Support
  • ESP code-friendly
  • Google Fonts
  • Screenshots (Puppeteer)

What is Jigsaw?

A framework for rapidly building static sites using the same modern tooling that powers your web applications. - Jigsaw

What is Tailwind CSS?

A utility-first CSS framework for rapidly building custom user interfaces. - Tailwind CSS