Minimalistic date picker for React and moment.js
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Simple date picker built for React and moment.js. See a demo.

npm install react-day-picker --save

Join the chat at npm version

Use of modifiers

This date picker works with modifiers, as in BEM-like syntax. You set the modifiers as functions returning true or false.

Modifiers give you a lot of freedom: for example, a selected modifier could highlight a range of selected days, or a weekend modifiers could format the weekend days.


You need to setup your own CSS. You can start from this css as example.

Usage examples

The following component implements the DayPicker and saves the selected day in its own state. It also adds the DayPicker-day--today CSS modifier for today, and a DayPicker-day--selected CSS modifier to the cell corresponding to the clicked/touched day.

var DayPicker = require('react-day-picker');
var moment = require('moment');

function isSameDay(a, b) {
  return a.startOf('day').isSame(b.startOf('day'));

var MyDatePicker = React.createClass({

  handleDayTouchTap(day, modifiers, event) {
      selectedDay: day

  render() {
    var modifiers = {
      today: function (day) {
        // add the `today` modifier for the current day
        return isSameDay(moment(), day);
      selected: function (day) {
        // add the `selected` modifier for the selected day
        return this.state.selectedDay
          && isSameDay(this.state.selectedDay, day);
    return (
      <DayPicker modifiers={ modifiers }
        onDayTouchTap={this.handleDayTouchTap} />

React.render(<MyDatePicker/>, document.body);

Run the example app

git clone
cd react-day-picker
npm install
npm start

...then open http://localhost:8080.




initialMonth moment object

A moment() object with the first month to display in the calendar.

numberOfMonths int

An integer value indicating the number of months to display in the calendar

modifiers Object

  • The object's keys are the modifier's name – applied to each day, following a BEM-like syntax: DayPicker-day--<modifier>
  • The key's values are functions evaluated for each day. When they returns true, the modifier is applied, and eventually passed to the onDayTouchTap payload.

For example, the following modifiers will add the CSS class DayPicker-day--disabled to the days of the past:

modifiers = {
  disabled: function (day) {
    return day.diff(moment(), 'day') < 0;
<DayPicker modifiers={modifiers} />

enableOutsideDays bool

Show the days outside the shown month.

onDayClick function(day, modifiers, event)

onDayTouchTap function(day, modifiers, event)

Use one of these attributes to add an event handler when the user touches/clicks a day.

  • day <Object> the touched day (a moment object)
  • modifiers <Array> array of modifiers for the touched day, e.g. ['disabled', 'today']
  • event <SyntheticEvent> the original touch event

To make the touch tap events working, you must inject react-tap-event-plugin client side.

onDayMouseEnter function(day, modifiers, event)

onDayMouseLeave function(day, modifiers, event)

Use this attribute to add an handler when the mouse enters/leaves a day element.

onPrevMonthClick function(month, event)

onNextMonthClick function(month, event)

  • month <Object> the current month (a moment object)
  • event <SyntheticEvent> the click event

Use this attribute to add an handler when the user switch to the previous/next month.



Show month (Moment object).