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Procedural Planets

Hello, This is a fully generated solar system made with three.js & a lot of canvas. It uses the diamond square algorithm to generate the texture.


  • A modern browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox & Safari)
  • A somewhat 'okay' computer
  • A mouse for that 'cinematic experience'


  • Look at a procedural generated solar system
  • Interact with the settings, careful with the size of the resolution, it might crash
  • Generates 4 types of texture (map, bumpmap, roughmap & specularmap)
  • Generates custom atmosphere for the planets
  • You can look at the logs to see the generation doing its work (false by default)

Remarks for correction

I'd like to add more to the generation, but I wanted to spent my time playing around with three.js and not only the canvas.


I used seedrandom.js to generate the planets, made by David Bau.

I also used dat.gui for the graphical user interface.


You can go see the project on my website.


Install dependencies

$ npm install


Run the local webpack-dev-server with hotreload and autocompile on http://localhost:8080/

$ npm run dev


Build the current application

$ npm run build


See on github


Thank you stackoverflow & three.js documentation

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