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Unfinished projects and snippets
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Marek Majkowski authored
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aes x ai
arduino deal with freezing
avl yes
bitmap bitmap_root -> bitmap
bitslice Bitslicing test
codejam-2012 yes
codejam2011 yes
concurrent-read random bits and pieces
containerlist X
ebtree-example some changes to old code
firefox-headers-interning yes
go x
goscratch x
greplin greplin challange
hackerrank .
hamt some changes to old code
hamt2 random bits and pieces
hamt3 yes
img markdown image from local
jschannel sieve
llvm x
markov Ignore ampersant
memalloc Another malloc.
meta x
msqueue shim
notes yes
nullderef-module nulldeeref
nxt x
ocaml/count-lines-string-map thing
ohamt yes
ohamt2 Typo.
openvpn yes
pika Check encoding of longs on X-expires
proplists support value size
ptrace experiment with /proc/pid/mem
ptrace2 x
puka stuff
pukamulti x
qhamt yes
sequential-write sequential write tests
setjmp tasks on setjmp / longjmp
siphash Moved csiphash code to
sockjs-unicode x
stack-protector blah
stddev Stdandard deviation tools.
tor tor
visualising-siphash visualising siphash
vpn vpn
why_puka x
README Update Update markdown blockquote
a.rst rst image test
amqptest.erl use two channels in erlang amqptest amqptest
arr.c yes
b.c yes bind random bits and pieces
erlang-memory-alignemnt-speed.erl random bits and pieces
flood_mmap.c X
haproxy-1.5-x-forwarded-for.patch yes
libevent-1.4.8-POST-body-PUT-DELETE.patch random bits and pieces
lshift-jukebox.html.txt random bits and pieces
mutex-test.c random bits and pieces passwd script
polimorph.c random bits and pieces yes
rdrand-simple.c rdrand
rdrand.c rdrand yes
test-itimer.c random bits and pieces x
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