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An experimental RabbitMQ "Presence" exchange: notifies bound queues when other bindings appear and disappear
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RabbitMQ "Presence Exchange" Plugin

Extends RabbitMQ Server with support for a new experimental exchange type, x-presence. An exchange of type x-presence notifies queues that are bound to it when other bindings appear and disappear.

Messages are sent out from an x-presence exchange to attached queues when a new binding appears or an existing binding disappears. The message sent out has an empty body, with all the interesting information in the headers property of the message headers:

Key       Type  Description
action    str   Either "bind" or "unbind"
exchange  str   The name of the exchange being bound/unbound
queue     str   The name of the queue being bound/unbound
key       str   The binding key supplied at the time of binding

Publishing messages to a 'x-presence' exchange is a bad idea. Right now it behaves like a 'fanout' exchange, but this behavior may change in the future.


This plugin is licensed under the MPL. The full license text is included with the source code for the package. If you have any questions regarding licensing, please contact us at

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