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32612c3 Fix a test.
ff9a902 Merge pull request #43 from istalker2/master
bf9242d Merge pull request #51 from ov7a/master
d2a1a87 Passive flag for queue_declare
cb8d2b9 Merge pull request #50 from c2h5oh/master
d51337a Raise ChannelError when no free channels left
01ab099 Handle SSL errors that happen when using RabbitMQ over WAN/virtual networks etc.
33a1823 SSL connection parameters
67cfa63 #44 - fix docs
b1c4c9f Default values should be strings, not unicodes
0fa7e17 Use rabbitmq-codegen from submodule
31ef0a2 Added SSL support (amqps:// scheme)
22d0c80 #42: Fix assertion message
ddf0595 Regenerated spec.
a02a959 Yey! make the code 1% faster by not delimiting the struct module
43b35ec #41 - must be EWOULDBLOCK instead of EAGAIN to make windows happy
c448c1a #41 - Also ignore ENOBUFS
19fbfa1 ignore EWOULDBLOCK and ENOBUFS when sending
5243b28 #38 - allow user to specify part of consumer_tag value
93fe894 Merge branch 'master' of
b8f9f6a typo
4806ca4 #38 - automatically set consumer_tag to a meaningful value
de80272 Merge pull request #39 from pomke/master
0e4f637 Removed ableist language from readme
bd98bb7 Allow caller to specify the consumer_tag
c1b6c55 Fix #35 - flush outgoing buffer only if possible
4407f0c cosmetic
7cf5971 Updated email address.
ffdbdbc Fix #34 - check if previously handled frame didn't close the connection
b5699c4 RabbitMQ 3.0 adaption - just don't support immediate flag at all.
15b3594 Adapt tests to RabbitMQ 3.0 - expiry property is supported and must be numeric
d06c1be Adapt tests to RabbitMQ 3.0 - immediate is not supported any more
cd59bb6 Merge pull request #33 from schmir/fix-on_write-after-shutdown
de4f805 Merge pull request #31 from schmir/document-required-python-version
db4658b make on_write handle shutdown connections and an empty buffer
19d3552 document supported python versions
66519db #29 - minor cleanup
e4c55d5 Merge pull request #29 from schmir/small-fixes-to-tests
40dbc0c use a name that does not resolve
0b004ac use amqp:/// as default for AMQP_URL
a7bcb7c #27 - don't try ipv6 if socket.has_ipv6 is False
c21ccfa Explain pubakcs
* Don't use 'immediate' flag for publishing when not using
pubacks - due to RabbitMQ 3.0 changes.
* Support for some unusual data types in tables:
None, float (including nan and inf) and some unsigned integers.
* #19 - some more tweaks for that.
* Support 'client_properties' parameter in constructor,
which can be used to pass data to the browser.
* RabbitMQ way of handling user/pass problems changed -
the connection is now dropped instead of sending
a connection-close method.
* #17 - some more puback / fake puback tests
* #15 - on windows errno.ENOTCONN had different value
than on linux / mac.
* Set fcntl FD_CLOEXEC on puka sockets - we don't want child
processes to get a copy of our descriptor.
* #26 - basic support for AMQP heartbeats
* #15 - On windows, on slow network, client.wait may
have failed with error 10057.
* Updated URL scheme parsing.
* Better tests for pubacks.
* Proper support for capabilities.
* Support for canceling consumes (basic.cancel).
* Fixed performance problem when there was a large number
of published messages unacked with pubacks enabled.
* Many minor fixes.
* Fixed issue with write buffer not being flushed when expected
* Fixed amqp_url parsing.
* Initial release