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WebSocket emulation - Erlang server
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Erlang-based server side component for SockJS. See:

for more information on SockJS.

Currently this is somewhat limited:

  • Requires Misultin
  • A couple of header-based things haven't been ported from the node server
  • Hasn't been tested much
  • Hasn't been performance-tested at all

Hopefully in future some of these restrictions will get improved.

Some useful application configuration parameters:

  • sockjs_url - path to the sockjs library as seen by the client
    • default: "/lib/sockjs.js"
  • heartbeat_ms - milliseconds between heartbeat frames
    • default: 25000
  • session_close_ms - milliseconds to keep a session alive after a client connection goes away
    • default: 5000
  • json_impl - JSON library to use, mochijson2 or eep0018
    • default: mochijson2

[Note that the tests test that you can send unicode strings containing \0. When using eep0018 you can't; it strips them out. So a few tests will fail.]

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