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Spawn more colorful minecraft sheep, hold a rave.
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ColorSheep by majestic53 (

Spawn colorful sheep instead of the same-old boring sheep your used to seeing. This plugin allows you to spawn multiple sheep in many different colors. It also includes a feature that will randomly assign colors to the spawning sheep. Get ready to rave.

Version 0.5:

This plugin has been tested on 1.5.


    Spawn a herd of sheep in over 15 different colors
    Spawn sheep with randomly assigned colors (aka. rave-sheep)
    Set all naturally spawning sheep to random colors (not working 100%)
    Supports permissions


    /sheepset   spawnrandom -- Toggle if naturally spawning sheep get random colors
		max [NUMBER] -- Change the max spawn cap

    /sheep 	[COLOR] [NUMBER] -- Spawns a certain number of sheep (1 - 100) in a certain color
		rave [NUMBER] -- Spawn a certain number of sheep in random colors
		kill -- Kills all sheep
		status -- Display the plugin status
		colors -- Display the list of applicable colors


	/sheepset spawnrandom -- 'colorsheep.spawnrand'
	/sheepset max [NUMBER] -- 'colorsheep.max'

	/sheep [COLOR] [NUMBER] -- 'colorsheep.spawn'
	/sheep rave [NUMBER] -- 'colorsheep.rave'
	/sheep kill -- 'colorsheep.kill'
	/sheep status -- 'colorsheep.status'
	/sheep colors -- 'colorsheep.colors'

Known Bugs:

None at the moment


Version 0.5

    Added permission support

Version 0.4

    Added the ability to spawn sheep where player is pointing
    Changed the command strcture

Version 0.3

    Added the ability to set all naturally spawned sheep to a random color
    Added a status command (/sheepstatus) which displays the plugin status
    Added the ability to kill sheep (/killsheep)

Version 0.2

    Added configuration file support
    Added two admin commands (/opsheep & /maxsheep)

Version 0.1

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