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NNTPChan (previously known as overchan) is a decentralized imageboard that uses the NNTP protocol (network-news transfer protocol) to synchronize content between many different servers. It utilizes cryptographically signed posts to perform optional/opt-in decentralized moderation.

This repository contains resources used by the core daemon which is located on GitHub (for now) along with general documentation, here.

Getting started

This is a step-by-step guide for getting up-and-running with NNTPChan as well as documentation for developers who want to either work on NNTPChan directly or use NNTPChan in their aplications with the API.

Bugs and issues

PLEASE report any bugs you find while building, setting-up or using NNTPChan on the GitHub issue tracker or on the GitGud issue tracker so that the probelms can be resolved or discussed.


NNTP (confirmed working):

  • Thunderbird


  • Yukko: ncurses based nntpchan web ui reader


Need help? Join us on IRC.

  1. freenode: #nntpchan
  2. rizon: #nntpchan - Most active


Like this project? Why not help by funding it?

Bitcoin: 15yuMzuueV8y5vPQQ39ZqQVz5Ey98DNrjE


  • Deavmi - Making the documentation beautiful.