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A broad collection of smaller code pieces which I've acquired over the course of my life.
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  <title>Contents of the majewsky-misc repo</title>
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  <h2>Hello World!</h2>
  <pre>export AUTHOR="Stefan Majewsky &lt;;"</pre>
  <p>This repo contains a broad collection of smaller code pieces which I've acquired over the course of my life. Little programs to solve little problems, or small generic classes which might be useful elsewhere; everything's here, and everything is available under the very liberal <i>MIT license</i> for your pleasure. Read on for what to find in this repo.</p>
  <p>The major grouping is &quot;by programming language and framework&quot;. That means that C++ programs are separate from Python programs, and e.&nbsp;g. C++ programs are also sorted by which major framework is used (e.g. Qt or STL-only).</p>
  <p>After this first grouping level, there is no specific order anymore. Some stuff might be ordered by topic if the `ls -l` output gets too messy, but no order is implied.</p>
  <h2>Commit policy</h2>
  <p>Patches are (of course) allowed and welcome. Please use the means provided by GitHub to send push requests to me. Please bear with me if I do not reply instantaneously, managing this repository does not have very high priority for me.</p>
  <h2>Content list</h2>
  <table border="1">
    <th>Name of project or class</th>
    <th>Build system<br/>Requirements</th>
   <tr><th colspan="4"><i>Utility classes</i></th></tr>
    <td>This <a href="">model</a> lists a bunch of other models, as well as their contents. The sub models are limited to a flat shape (i.e., trees cannot be listed).</td>
    <td>Similar to a slider, this widget allows to select both values and ranges from a given range. The widget allows for arbitrary contents to be painted inside its frame.</td>
    <td>If you want the user to select some <a href="">items</a> from a <a href="">model</a>, this class relieves you from the need to create a separate KDialog subclass.</td>
    <td>Nearly the same as <a href=""><tt>QVector</tt></a>, but it does not automatically resize or reallocate its data. This is useful for passing data pointers to C libraries.</td>
  <p>The fineprint:</p>
   <li><tt>Utils::SelectionDialog</tt> is designed to be integrated in a build system that uses automoc4. In most cases, this will be CMake with the KDE 4 macro library for CMake.</li>
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