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<title>Wildflower A Cakephp CMS &#124;</title>
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<h2>The results of blending concepts</h2>
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<li class="current"><a href="wildflower.html">Wildflower</a></li>
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<strong class="h4">Wildflower</strong>
<li><a href="">Majic3</a> &amp; <a href="">Klevo</a></li>
<strong class="h4">Object Orientated CSS</strong>
<li><a href="">Majic3</a> &amp; <a href="">Stubbornella</a></li>
<strong class="h4">Cake PHP Asset Plugin</strong>
<li><a href="">Majic3</a> &amp; <a href="">MCurry</a></li>
<strong class="h4">Cake Php SwfOject Helper</strong>
<li>coming soon</li>
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<h2>Wildflower &amp; Back to Conventions</h2>
<p>The Majic3 fork of Wildflower attempts to present content stored in the system in the and ease the ability to get an over view of content. The work on the mce content style is nearing completion the modifications to the editor interface is in a phaze of flux between not using slipt buttons but needing to; and now using split buttons but resulting actions not firing and errors being cause.</p>
<p>The follow up frustration is that when loading the noncompressed multiline version of mce I don get plugins.</p></div>
<p>Beyond this minor glitch compared with glimmers of a completed phaze1 of majic3/wildflower Darwin are details of whats up.</p>
<h2>Majic3/Wildflower CMS has a Pristine Theme</h2>
<p>Its plain and readily adaptabe with switchable feautres there is more polising to be done; but on the surface its finished(ishish might change rfine stuff; will clean and review the css for any borky wierdness I have added to Nicole's original css purity concept - OOCSS makes fits right in my grand plan for this fork)</p>
<h3>Majic3 Cakephp Asset Plugin</h3>
<p>I have adapted Matt Curry's plugin for use with this fork my adaption is not finished but performs well a final review and tidy up to what I have done is required, plus I want to make it work with the Autoloader javascript helper better</p>
<h3>Layout Switching (and sub-layout switch also)</h3>
<p>Layouts can be switched via page params set within Wildflower, if you using variations of a layout within a layout this fork also features that option set in the same way</p>
<p>I am working on a concept that will allow simple block sets of content (the block sets may have some js/css to be outputted in the header); the plan is to make it possible to include these within content managed cms as subcontent</p>
<h2>Administrational Content & Presence Featur-rama with Presentation of stats and all that funky jazz magic</h2>
<h3>Widgets & Menus very nice Blocks & Modules too?</h3>
<h4>Widgets & Menus the grand, the great & the wonder</h4>
<p>Widgets have always been fantastic (but js used is outputted in the content rather than the head), you can make a simple widget for use in your site and have it controled with your admin views within wf. Menus can be added and edited (a small tweak to klevos back to conventions branch initially places an item the js control here clones the last item in menu) - but you can't have sub items & you must call them within your theme (at the time of writing this menus can not be applied to pages/posts but I imagine klevo has a plan for this akin to sidebars); I have tree menus displaying in sidebars also categories, comments posts in category (comments - needs to be recent list only). The page tree should be able to show a branch and set levels from that root in the tree. I am concerned with the helpers accessing the database this I feel if uncakey - I would like to be able to control this from methods in the controller seting beautiful data from the models.</p>
<h4>Modules & Blocks - this is the plan its a youngster of an concept</h4>
<p>Modules would be like widgets (but a bit different); widgets remain widgets will enable a slightly different concept to widgets; each widget do their thing using the the admin data saved via users enter information in admin views when logged into an action. Modules see the data stored and make a form from generic interface it detects weather the module data should be sortable or whatever. Modules could replace the need for menus</p>
<p>I plan to be able to use modules for sites that what to list links from rss sources, display/use sets of assets from with generic directory structures of assets (assets being css/js or images but also flash, mp3, flv and all that is the plan too for what you can do)</p>
<p>A Block would be a piece of sub content that may have some css or js it may be plain or use a template it may contain any number of widgets, modules, menus - not other blocks. They get updated when saving the page idea being that the page output is cached</p>
<h3>Change & Generate Passwords</h3>
<p>Benjamin Sterlings password gen/strength plugin is in use on change password action of users in admin</p>
<h3>Image Inserting & Resizing</h3>
<p>Wildflower managed image assets can be resized with in mce using sidebar. SInce the mce stylesheet should be edited to match those used within the public site the layout of these images matches that of the images used within the public site</p>
<h3>Short Urls</h3>
<p>Nice feature for use when you what to send someone to a complex url (one that gets lost in email regarble formating); Its Based on a Jonathan Snook tutorial & Chris Shiflet's post and comments of rel caonoical; plus some post by Matt Cutts. In light of many twitter api apps it would be nice to be able to submit the short url to twitter using one of these apps within a wildflower plugin & have stats logged by wildflower (or analytics or clicky [which looks like a nice alterative to analytics]) Anyway Short urls are use ful when you want to be able to send a concise url that won't be garbled to that has the same domain as the content which your directing them to and url shorteners</p>
<h2>Sprinklings of jQuery UI</h2>
<p>Tabs on sidebar content when insert images and also used for other interface controls within the cms eg the full toggle which hides the sidebar and some inputs and labels making the instance of mce bigger</p>
<h2>Content manipulations using phpQuery</h2>
<p>This may change but for now I am choosing to use it so retsrict the display of posts to excerpts on its index. This lib allow you to manipulate document structures using php5 dom; if you know jquery and run php5 you can run phpQuery.</p>
<h2>CSS Readablity & WYSIWYG</h2>
<p>Lots of karmic kick has occurred in using (an adapted version) Vladimir Carrer's CSS Readbility project as a base for presentation of content by the cms. It's aim is to display content in a plainer presentation. Clean and clear from theme/skin used in pubic site but replicating much of layout. .I have added some the grid used in the public site (actually from OOCSS)</p>
<h4>Splitbuttons for Wildflowers MCE CSS Extras oddness</h4>
<p>An issue that has cropped since trying and so ar failing to make split buttons work within this branch is that css extras sometimes not all the time does not hide the drop down list after selecting the action.</p>
<p>I want to be able to add ids to any element so long as it does not already have one. Newly added ids would use a prefix which is removed from output before final display</p>
<h5>Progress continues but I must find out the cause of a few issues that have arisen</h5>
<p>Obscure wierdness is happening and I can find no clues via normal sources also in addition to being both issues being js and occuring deep with mce via plugins and when I use the full source of mce I loose the plugins so can not use that full source as is. So its either what needs to be added to the uncompressed mce source file I have or find the cause of the issue via building up the a test setup of page - big fuey in bth cases and I may need to find another route any way</p>
<h5>Also I have thought a bit about add some funky other new powers tools and things that can be made using things on Github and other things like clicky, and stuff I have bookmarked some where</h5>
<p>If at times it is working it does indeed work sweetly some of those times. Its just that at all others its not quite there and sometimes its a really menace :)</p>
<div class="foot">
<p class="email"><a href=""></a></p>
<p class="majic3"><a href=""></a></p>
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