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Wildflower - A CakePHP CMS

! Some stuff here is outdated (applies for 1.2 Beta 2). I'll update this soon. !


    * Apache web server with mod_rewrite
    * PHP 5.2+
    * MySQL 4.1+


   1. Extract the archive. Place the wildflower directory inside your apache document root.
   2. Create a new MySQL database (preferably use utf8_unicode_ci collation) and into this new database import the SQL file app/config/sql/wildflower.sql.
   3. Edit the app/config/database.php file with your database connection details.
   4. You've got a working copy of this site. You can start working on your project by modifying the application inside the app directory. When a new release of Wildflower comes, you simply update the cake, vendors and wildflower directories.
   5. Default login/password combination for /admin area is admin/admin321 --Don`t forget to change this when in production.
Problems with passwords after updating to AuthComponent enabled version?

Use the UtilityShell to generate an AuthComponent compatible password:
./cake/console/cake utility hash myPassword

Insert the result into your DB in the 'password' field.

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