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All changed and for the greater good.

The follow up frustration is that when loading the noncompressed multiline version of mce I don get plugins.

Beyond this minor glitch compared with glimmers of a completed phaze1 of majic3/wildflower Darwin are details of whats up

Majic3/Wildflower CMS has a Pristine Theme

Its plain and readily adaptabe with switchable feautres there is more polising to be done; but on the surface its finished(ishish might change rfine stuff; will clean and review the css for any borky wierdness I have added to Nicole’s original css purity concept – OOCSS makes fits right in my grand plan for this fork)

Admin Tweaks

Navigating between piece of content with admin requires fewer clicks & page loads

Change & Generate Passwords

Benjamin Sterlings password gen/strength plugin is in use on change password action of users in admin

Asset Management

Tweaks to asset management mean that the CMS can handle a vast number of images.

Short Urls

(ABSENT but will return) Nice feature for use when you what to send someone to a complex url (one that gets lost in email regarble formating); Its Based on a Jonathan Snook tutorial & Chris Shiflet’s post and comments of rel caonoical; plus some post by Matt Cutts.  In light of many twitter api apps it would be nice to be able to submit the short url to twitter using one of these apps within a wildflower plugin & have stats logged by wildflower (or analytics or clicky [which looks like a nice alterative to analytics])  Anyway Short urls are use ful when you want to be able to send a concise url that won’t be garbled to that has the same domain as the content which your directing them to bit.ly and url shorteners

Sprinklings of jQuery UI

Tabs on sidebar content when insert images and also used for other interface controls within the cms eg the full toggle which hides the sidebar and some inputs and labels making the instance of mce bigger

cake plugins & git Submodules

I am using a few cake plugins as submodules within Wildflower. Some of these plugins will be tweaked to work with Wildflower (should be easy to set within Klevo Origin).

CSS Readablity & WYSIWYG

Lots of karmic kickbacks come from using Vladimir Carrer’s CSS Readbility project as a base for presentation of content by the cms.  It’s aim is to display content in a plainer presentation.  Clean and clear from theme/skin used in pubic site but replicating much of layout.  .I have added some the grid used in the public site (actually from OOCSS)

Bram.us CSS Control of content within Tiny MCE

This allows classes & IDs to be applied to content within Wildflower (expanding soon)

This is a forked repository. Have a look at klevo’s wildflower wiki for more information.


Have looked at making this work within cake1.3 very nice it is too. Looking forward to utilising the new features of 1.3 soon.