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SimpleExcelExport it is a small library to export to excel(using NPOI) a list of objects in your program, in order to add export capabilities to your application in a short time.

I already using in some projects, and maybe you can give a try if have a lot of modules where you need to exporte some data to excel.

Soon i will to upload in nuget for a easy install.


With nuget:

  • Install-Package SimpleExcelExport



  • NPOI

How to use

  • Add the reference in your project.

  • Create a list of object an populate.

    var persons = new List();

  • Pass the list to SimpleExcelExport:

    var result = SimpleExcelExport.ExportToExcel().ListToExcel(persons);

  • (Optional) return file from web controller:

    return File(result, "application/", "Report.xls");

  • The library return the generated excel as a byte array.

Column names and columns order

The columns names and order by default are the property name and alphabetical order, if you want to set a custom name for the columns and order, you need to add an attribute to your properties in your POCO class, for example:

[ExcelExport("Last Name", order = 2,HFontBold=true,HFontColor ="White",HBackColor="Red")]
    public string LastName { get; set; }

    [ExcelExport("day of birth", order = 3)]
    public DateTime BirthDay { get; set; }

Where you set the column name with the first parameter and the column order with the named parameter "order". Also(thanks to @rivuc) you can define font weight(bold), cell background color and font(foreground) color.

Any comment or idea for a new feature(or even better to send a pull request) contact me at: twitter: @majimenezp