CakePHP database schema for blog application with sample data generator (blogs, posts, users, tags, categories, languages, comments) ready for baking. Can be used for benchmarking, testing, debugging etc.
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CakePHP app schema for Sample Blog Application

Useful when learning CakePHP, for benchmarks, tests, debugging and more.

Demo of baked app is available on

Following tables (and number of inserted rows) will be created (can be configured in schema file):

blogs: 6, 
categories: 50, 
comments: 2000, 
languages: 1,
posts : 1000,
posts_tags : 2000,
tags : 1000, 
users : 1000


  1. Install fresh copy of CakePHP (2.x)
  2. Configure database in "APP/Config/database.php".
  3. Browse to home page and confirm Cake setup checks.
  4. Copy provided schema.php to "APP/Config/Schema" folder.
  5. Configure and run CakePHP console:

    cake schema create App (wait for a minute until all records are inserted)

    cake bake all (repeat for all available models).

All done, now browse to "/posts".

Example of created records in table 'users':

id: 1
name: Eleifend Vivamus
password: db6ff2ffe2df7b8cfc0d9542bdce27dc
phone: 4624-8435
mobile_phone: 2078-8235
address: Sit orci amet
city: Sociis
postcode: 8561
web: http:/
created: 2011-05-15 22:01:01
modified: 2011-07-13 20:31:06

id: 2
name: Risus Proin
password: c3d32ae7ad6a5d450756a7d96b2a2a21
phone: 4624-8435
mobile_phone: 2078-8235
address: Sit orci amet
city: Morbi
postcode: 8561
web: http:/
created: 011-08-15 23:30:16
modified: 2011-09-05 09:31:26

Example of created records in table 'posts':

It will assign few tags and comments to each Post and pick a random category and blog.

id: 1
category_id: 48
title: Quam nisl lacinia
description: Tincidunt nisi nascetur mollis vitae vel mus quam mperdiet dis Vivamus libero.
body: Urna tortor dapibus consectetur sit nisl interdum placerat ipsum pellentesque dictum tortor orci  
    qegestas varius fringilla at adipiscing parturient congue risus Donec aliquet velit mus consectetur 
    imperdiet eleifend mauris sed blandit lacus eleifend est Proin quis nisi mollis Cum sociis Donec  
    posuere sodales quam vitae ante magnis Maecenas tincidunt consectetur Phasellus sagittis sed 
    Lorem tincidunt lacinia turpis elit Quisque congue congue libero amet congue sed urna vitae nisi ipsum 
    tristique Integer montes leo pulvinar.
created: 2011-07-15 02:12:36
modified: 2011-09-15 23:30:19
featured: 0
published: 1
blog_id: 4

id: 2
category_id: 36
title: Tristique Aenean erat
description: Aenean ipsum leo nibh posuere nascetur venenatis at malesuada vestibulum ligula euismod.
body: Dictum imperdiet nisi Quisque Donec tristique sit malesuada diam Proin ligula sodales magnis 
    pulvinar at ante consectetur consequat venenatis ullamcorper quam orci sit amet congue blandit  
    posuere vestibulum congue amet tortor penatibus Aenean congue placerat sollicitudin velit lacinia 
    Maecenas adipiscing eleifend Morbi.
created: 2011-07-15 21:34:46
modified: 2011-09-05 10:11:06
featured: 1
published: 1
blog_id: 5


PHP version: PHP 5.2+
CakePHP version: 2.0