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if has('autocmd')
autocmd GuiEnter * set t_vb= " Disable the visual bell
" Get rid of the annoying UI
set guioptions-=t " Disable menu tear-offs
set guioptions-=T " Disable the toolbar
set guioptions-=m " Disable the menu
set guioptions-=R " Disable the (right) scrollbar
set guioptions-=r " Disable the (right) scrollbar
set guioptions-=l " Disable the (left) scrollbar
set guioptions-=L " Disable the (left) scrollbar
set guioptions-=a " Share the copy buffer with visual mode
" gtk tabs are ugly
if has('gui_gtk')
set guioptions-=e " Kill off the GUI tabs
set guifont=monospace\ 9
elseif has('gui_macvim')
set guifont=menlo:h11