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your favourite releases from!


SJgrabber assists you to grab links from the latest episodes for your favourite TV shows.
It grabs releases via RSS and their links (e.g.,, ...) by parsing HTML pages from


SJgrabber is only an indexing service and therefore legal, but downloading copyrighted material isn't! For the record, I'm neither cooperating with nor responsible for any content that is hosted/uploaded on or gets downloaded from there.

Respect copyright law and their holders!


Get SJgrabber for your platform from GitHub Releases!


There is no need to explicitly install SJgrabber. Unzip, move it anywhere you want and run it.


Open Start SJgrabber.exe or SJgrabber.exe after unzipping.


Open after unzipping.


You will need to manually set the executable flag of the SJgrabber binary (chmod +x SJgrabber) after unzipping!


Attention, NW builds are untested!
I also distribute NW builds (SJgrabber.nw after unzipping), but you'll need to download the most current version of node-webkit to run it.


How does it work?

By starting SJgrabber for the first time and agreeing to the license and usage terms, you will be left at an empty favourites (starred) tab. Click on the search tab and input your desired query to search through all releases (grabbed via RSS).

When you are happy with your query results, star your query (via the blue button on the right side of the search box) to add it to your favourites (starred). Links from all releases that match your query will be grabbed and are available (and automatically updated later on) within this favourites (starred) tab.

How to upgrade?

Your current configuration, grabbed favourites, releases and links are kept separately, just launch a newer version of SJgrabber and you are set (feel free to delete previous versions of SJgrabber without any consequences)!

Why do I get an 'unverified developer' warning (mac)?

TL;DR: right click + open or hold control-key + double-click to open SJgrabber for the first time.

I don't have acquired a developer certificate from Apple (paying 99$ per year doesn't sound reasonable to me) so you might have problems to open SJgrabber for the first time on Mac OS X >=10.7. Follow these steps (detailed explanation) to open SJgrabber.

Why are there 2 executables (windows)?

One has the right icon (Start SJgrabber.exe), the other one (SJgrabber.exe) doesn't. I did this to tackle a limitation in the automated build process using grunt-node-webkit-builder.

No longer the case, fixed in v0.3.1: Icon is now manually injected (via /build-templates/support/win32/patchIcon.bat).

Why develop such a controversial app (genesis)?

I like to make things that are handy and fun to use! Several 'friends of mine' were sick of skimming each and every day for new releases of their favourite TV shows. As I have a lot of freetime currently (after graduating from an IT master program in Austria), I decided to develop a tiny app to assist them.

SJgrabber soon became quite polished, hence it was time to publish it and that's it (anyways, feel free to spot evil intentions...).

What's the tech behind?

SJgrabber is powered by node-webkit and distributed as self-contained app for each platform.
It's really just HTML/CSS/JS!


Please feel free to donate a beer via bitcoins 1KaeuK2WpwkhK9T3eURK7uxB3frgD8Z4HV, via paypal or via gittip.
Thank you VERY VERY much!

I'm also accepting nice words on twitter @majodev, thx!

Bugs, feature requests and disgust

Open an issue on GitHub!


Only for the brave and nerdy!


  • get node.js, install it and make yourself comfortable with npm
  • install grunt globally
  • install bower globally


git clone
cd sjgrabber
npm install -d
bower install -d
grunt build-static


While developing it's better to run SJgrabber straight with node-webkit and devtools enabled (the flag NWAPP_DEBUG in package.json handles setting up a debug environment). Get going by executing nw . within your working directory (put the node-webkit executable into your PATH).

Important: SJgrabber reads and saves your data to separate localStorage fields during debug-sessions, so developing and enhancing doesn't interfere with your productive use of SJgrabber. Feel free to wipe grabbed releases and favourites as you please.


If you plan to make changes to any handlebars template in /client/templates or and, the watch task might become handy, as it automatically executes build-static after modifications.

The default grunt task builds, bundles and compresses win32, mac, linux32, linux64 and nw releases into /dist. If you have come this far, you'll have the same release-ready builds which I'm distributing here! It executes the following tasks:

  • build (with 3 essential sub-tasks)
    • build-static: template and support file compilation
    • build-js: minification (HTML, CSS), uglyfication (JS), dependency retrieval (npm packages without dev-only) and copying /build-templates
    • build-nw: node-webkit packaging
  • release: compressing to /dist and cleanup

Injecting proper icon (windows)

Follow the steps in /build-templates/support/win32/



SJgrabber is licensed under the MIT License
Copyright (c) 2014 Mario Ranftl (@majodev)

SJgrabber brand/logo is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 License
Copyright (c) 2014 Nicole Eibel (homepage)

See (or LICENSE.html within distributed apps) for more detailed license info and 3rd party licenses.

See credits.html for node-webkit redistributable licenses (platform dependent, this file ONLY ships with SJgrabber binaries).