Implementation of the JSON API 1.0 specification for GLib
Vala Meson
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Implementation of the JSON API 1.0 specification for GLib.

The provided classes consist of serializable GLib.Object definitions producing conformant JSON API payloads. It is designed as an extension to JSON-GLib by sharing a common root namespace and generating Json.Node objects.

If you are using Valum, the following sample should give you a good idea of how to build an app:

using Json;
using Valum;

app.use (accept ("application/vnd.api+json"));

app.get ("/users/<int:id>", (req, res, next, ctx) => {
    var id = ctx["id"].get_string ();
    var payload = new ResourcePayload (new Resource (id, 
                                                     Json.gobject_serialize (User.from_id (id))),
                                       new PayloadLinks (new Link ("/users/%s".printf (id));

    size_t length;
    return res.expand_utf8 (Json.gobject_to_data (payload, out length));


Only the following classes should be serialized into and unserialized from payloads using Json.gobject_serialize and Json.gobject_unserialize:

  • Payload to produce errors or jsonapi
  • ResourcePayload
  • ResourcesPayload

Links also come in various flavours: the actual class constructor will hint on what kind of Links is expected.

For attributes and meta objects, one can directly use a Json.Object instance.