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I have a MySQL instance running on a custom port (3307). I have a ~/.my.cnf file with this


I've tried to do these lines, but none work :

  • ./ --port 3307
  • ./ --port=3307
  • ./ --port 3307 --user my_username --pass my_password
  • ./ --port=3307 --user=my_username --pass=my_password

I get this error :

[!!] Attempted to use login credentials, but they were invalid

I can't use unless I add the port in my .my.cnf file.

I definitely can add this in the config file, but since I use multiple instances, I like to add the port param in the command line, not in the config.

I guess it would be good to use params found in the file, then override them with command line arguments.

Thanks for, it's a great tool.


Hey @jlecour. Sorry for the long delay in reviewing this ticket. The port functionality is already in the script. Would you be able to retest using a custom port now?

@major major closed this Feb 22, 2014
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