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Recognise Debian systems and use those credentials #11

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Hi there,

This small patch uses the Debian system maintenance credentials when they are available. I'm not really a Perl programmer, so you might want to check my code, but it works for me and I think the general intention is obvious enough!

Kind regards,
Tim Stoop


Just now saw this one and your comments in: #6

I'll close this one and merge the changes in pull #6. Thanks, though!

@major major closed this
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@@ -292,8 +292,16 @@ sub mysql_setup {
badprint "Attempted to use login credentials from Plesk, but they failed.\n";
exit 0;
+ } elsif ( -r "/etc/mysql/debian.cnf" and $doremote == 0 ) {
+ # It's a Debian box, use the system maintenance account
+ $mysqllogin = "--defaults-file=/etc/mysql/debian.cnf";
+ my $loginstatus = `mysqladmin $mysqllogin ping 2>&1`;
+ unless ($loginstatus =~ /mysqld is alive/) {
+ badprint "Attempted to use Debian system maintenance login credentials, but they failed. Do you have permission to use them?\n";
+ exit 0;
+ }
} else {
- # It's not Plesk, we should try a login
+ # It's not Plesk and not Debian, we should try a login
my $loginstatus = `mysqladmin $remotestring ping 2>&1`;
if ($loginstatus =~ /mysqld is alive/) {
# Login went just fine
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