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Easily receive email alerts and push them to Prowl
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Push alerts from email to prowl

Getting started

Get an iOS device, a Prowl account and a Prowl API key. Install python and install pyrowl:

git clone git:// pyrowl
cd pyrowl
python install

Clone this repository and put the script somewhere useful:

git clone git:// alerts-to-prowl  
cp alerts-to-prowl/ /usr/local/bin/  
chmod +x /usr/local/bin/  

Add your Prowl API key to the script. Adjust /etc/aliases so that emails to your alerts alias are fed into the script:

prowlalerts: "|/usr/local/bin/"

On most platforms, you'll need to run newaliases to pick up the changes. Send a test email to your email alias and you should receive an alert via Prowl


Check your MTA's mail logs (usually in /var/log/mail*) for any errors.

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