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TJM commented Apr 15, 2012

These changes allow for an accountId to be specified to allow for editing of our client's DNS domains in Cloud Sites. Basically it has to change the DNS Management URL on the fly, so it requires changes to the python-clouddns library.

These changes are fairly significant, since they change the "pathing" of the application to include the accountId number. Since HTTP is not stateful, we have to send the accountId with every request (or possibly start some session tracking stuff). I have done some testing, and it seems to work nicely. You have to load my fork of the python-clouddns library to get functionality, but I wrapped it so that it would "fail gracefully" if you are using the "rackspace" version (until they pull my changes).

My python-clouddns:

My Short Install Doc:


Tommy McNeely and others added some commits Apr 13, 2012
Tommy McNeely Changes required to support multiple accountId's such as Cloud Sites.
Requires updated clouddns version as well.
Tommy McNeely executable is handy 50270a7
Tommy McNeely Additional template changes to handle accountId (these should have be…
…en included previously)
Tommy McNeely Changed the order of Type and Name to make more sense to me :) f717c66
@TJM TJM Missed Changes to the def's when I added <accountId> to each of the p…
@TJM TJM Fixed stupid typo ccount_Id -> accountId on add_domain 614a35e
@TJM TJM Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'

Applied the "accountId" changes to the new sections
@TJM TJM added accountId changes to the new template files 2ff16ea
@TJM TJM Changes to allow it to still function without updating the clouddns-p…
…ython libs
@TJM TJM Fixed minor typo 29af7ba
@TJM TJM Brain Blast! If I can access g.raxdns.uri directly, I could just impl…
…ement the set_account directly. I left it as a try/except cause I don't think its proper to be twiddling an objects attributes, but apparently python doesn't protect them ;)
TJM commented Apr 16, 2012

I made an update that allows it to work without any changes to python-clouddns.

major commented Apr 16, 2012

Let me take a gander at these patches and get back with you.

TJM commented Apr 16, 2012

Only the one on master (accountId) is ready, but you are welcome to "checkout" the ApplyTemplates patch. The function is mostly there, but the GUI part still needs done. Open a domain, then append /applyTemplate to the URL. It will mock up the changes of applying the googleApps.json. If you POST to that same URL, it will make the additions. I still need to sort out how I am going to make it work in the GUI, and I would also like to make it do that it can apply more than just the one template. Also, i would like it to remove conflicting records (optionally?),so yea, it's not ready for production yet. :)

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On Apr 16, 2012, at 8:32 AM, Major wrote:

Let me take a gander at these patches and get back with you.

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TJM commented Apr 16, 2012

CLOSING --- I have a much better idea!

@TJM TJM closed this Apr 16, 2012
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