Secured kickstarts based on CIS Security Benchmarks
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CIS Security Benchmark Kickstarts

The kickstart files in this repository will give you a system which meets almost all of the scored standards from the CIS Security Benchmarks. The non-scored checks are excluded and I've also excluded adjustments that don't make sense for most environments (see comments in the kickstart for details).


  • The kickstart files are Apache 2 Licensed
  • I'm not affilated with the Center For Internet Security in any way
  • These kickstarts aren't approved by the Center For Internet Security
  • These kickstarts might not make your system any more secure than it was before you started
  • These kickstarts may cause your server to leave the rack and chase cars

Requirements & Caveats

The kickstarts are currently set up for KVM-based environments. If that's not accurate for your server environment, look for this string in the kickstart:


Change vda to reflect whatever is accurate for your environment. For example, you may want to change this to xvda for Xen VM's or sda for physical servers with SATA drives.

I'd recommend starting with a minimum disk size of 20GB for these kickstarts. Adjust the logvol lines to smaller sizes if your disk happens to be smaller.


-- Major Hayden