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CoronaVirus 101
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CoronaVirus 101

Since late Dec 2019, the Corona Virus gradually became an outbreak in Wuhan City as well as Hubei Province. Please note Wuhan is the capital city of Hubei province and has a population of 11 million. When the city is shutdown in Jan 23 (2 days before Chinese new year Jan 25), there was still 9 millon people in Wuhan. More than 2 million people left Wuhan and headed to other cities or towns, or villiages in Hubei province. The Virus has claimed almost 3,000 people's lives in China, again mostly in Wuhan / Hubei. There were about 80,000 confirmed cases, mostly in China, with the overseas outbreak seems more like a reality (Iran, Italy and South Korea).

The US, being the most advanced / powerful country and half way across the globe from China, had about 62 confirmed cases, but the recent worry is there is such thing called community based transmission (people cannot tell where they got virus).

I am not a doctor nor a scientist: but I am an engieer that is trained in Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST, incidentally based in Wuhan). HUST is considered as one of the best engineering colleges in China. I am pragmatic software engineer with about 20 years of engineering experience in the US. Reading the news on Corona Virus is not easy, as I still have family and friends in China including Wuhan. But we all learn more as time goes (as long as we like to learn from the experts).

Ways to prevent the infection Wash hands, avoid rub eyes, noses, and mouths. When coughing cover with elbow (not hand or not cough openly)

Avoid crowd, for example, concert, games, marathon races. Avoid close contact with people.

Avoid places that have a lot of people using the central air, a good example is the cruise ship.

Deadth rate The current overall death rate is about 2%, which is higher than the so called 0.1% deadth rate in the US. Both numbers can be skcrewed though. The 2% rate needs to be re-examined because the initial death rate in Wuhan / Hubei was high due to overwhelming of the healthcare facilities. So a lot people probably would have survived if they were in Zhejiang province (my hometown) between Jan 20 to Feb 10. The healthcare facilities and people issues are solved by the help from all over the country. Also it takes sometime for the doctor to come up with ways to treat or allieviate the symptoms.

Cure There is no known medicine. There is some experiment medicines, such as the HIV medicine or the Gilead new medicine. The more important part, seems to me, from watching a video of Wuhan hospital, is to have an uplifting spritit and listen to the doctor (good doctor :-)

So that did the doctor say: basically they told the patient to fight while be positive. The reporotory disease is usually painful, from my personal experience. The doctors and nurses tried to help the patient be positive, by talking to them, by encouraging them to use the device properly, or to partiipate some group activies.

Responding to Covid-19 — A Once-in-a-Century Pandemic? (Bill Gates) (note the flatten curve, which is very much relevant as we have already seen what happened to Wuhan/Hubei, and Italy)

John Hopkins keeps a live map

And the website supports the map is here

Another good visualization of world wide infection

Also wiki China stats (in Chinese)

qq in Chinese, has both China and global data


(health center in the US, I think those are community health center)

The Covid Tracking Project

also Covid 2019 Tests

(I was going to read up on the various tests, and to understand the shortage). I do understand in China a quick CT scan is readily available to confirm (CT scan is less accessible in the US, due to various reasons). See below.



Spain (NYTimes)

There is also a very good visual that's available on Tencents News (needs WeChat or Tencents News app)

Introduction to corona virus by paperclip in Chinese

Conspiracy theory (from Taiwan)
source: (无心简影)

A person keeled down for the medical team leaving Wuhan


I am also aware of a Stanford video (I will put up the link if I find them, it's a zoom meeting video)

more info around testing

About me
Some more background: please note I am not a medical doctor, but I am a trained engineer and believe in science. I believe people like Bill Gates are making a difference in the access to healthcare esp. vaccine in the developing countries (or poor countries). Born and raised in China in 1970s, the economy of China is a bit like Cuba at the time, but we all got free vaccine from the village doctor(s). All of them are my mom's friends (my mom was like the leading lady in the village, someday I can explain more). The doctors will chase me to give me the vaccine shots before I attended the elementary school. I stopped running after I started the elementary school, as I was the class president and had to lead by example (no tears or cry)...

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